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Chieftain’s Glendullan 1999

Many thanks to ImpEx Beverages for this sample!  Unfortunately for us, the only release of Glendullan you normally see around these parts is the Singleton of Glendullan expression that comes in that pain in the ass bottle that doesn’t seem to fit in with any of your other whisky bottles.   I say that it is unfortunate because that expression is rather pedestrian and forgettable – on the plus side though it is cheap…So with almost no historical tasting reference for Glendullan I didn’t really know what to expect from this independent bottling.

Chieftain’s Glendullan 1999
11 y/o Cask No. 16543 46%ABV

Color:  White wine, extremely light gold

Nose:  Intense, vanilla, full bodied and bright, apples, powdered sugar, bourbony vanilla notes

Palate:  Whoa…not what I was expecting – the brightness on the nose seems to only be a distant memory,  watery, grassy, very subtle at first then the malt and vanilla start to come forward, some lingering spices.  Thinking that this one might benefit from some water: brings out some dustiness, more floral, buttery, a thinner flavor profile

Finish:  Short and floral

Comments:  A pleasant and surprisingly delicate whisky.  I was hoping that the palate would match the vibrant nose.  – Chris

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