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Murray McDavid Mission Gold Mortlach 17 Year Old

Murray McDavid is an independent bottler that puts out a decent product in my opinion.  There are different lines that make up the Murray McDavid Portfolio and one of them is the Mission Gold Series.  The Mission Gold Series consist of limited releases (don’t they all claim to be limited releases?) that are ace’d or finished in different casks.  The finishing adds a different dimension to the “standard” distillery profiles.   I have enjoyed many of the Mission Gold’s that I have tried in the past including Ardbeg, Caol Ila, Rosebank, Springbank and even a different Mortlach expression.  Some purists might think that finishing the spirit takes them too far away from their roots though.  There is a time and place for finishing, but it has to be done properly.  So what of this release from the Mission Gold Series?


Distilled in 1990 and aged for 17 years
Oloroso Sherry Cask
Bottled at 54.7%ABV

Color:  Dark Amber

Nose:  Big plentiful helpings of sherry, lemon, wet wool or wet cardboard – its something a little funky either way.

Palate: Cereal, not as much of a sherry influence as I was expecting, actually rather flat, malty, chewey mouth feel, soft wisps of vanilla hiding way underneath, peppery.

Finish: Short, spicy, a little bitter on the way down.

Comments:  I have to say I am pretty disappointed.  I like Mortlach’s generally and I have had good experiences with the Murray McDavid Mission Gold Series.  They are a break from the norm, but I have enjoyed them.  I wanted it to be so much more but it just fell flat for me.

* Apparently the person in charge of labeling helped themselves to some whisky ’cause that label is far from straight.

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