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Murray McDavid Ledaig 6 Year

Ledaig is an often over looked island whisky distilled at the Tobermory distillery. For some reason Ledaig (pronounced Le-Chig) hardly gets any attention from whisky drinkers. Maybe a lack of marketing? In my opinion, it isn’t for a lack of flavor or decent pricing. The Ledaig 10 (now being bottled at 46% ABV) is a damn good dram and at a reasonable price of ~$45. So when I learned about this all sherry aged Ledaig I had to give it a try.

Murray McDavid 2004 Ledaig 6 $44
46% ABV, Sherry Cask

Color: Medium amber

Nose: Big wafts of sweet peat intermingled with deep sherry notes, right on the verge of some off putting sulfur notes but pulls up right before it becomes too noticeable, mild smoke, rich, the youthful alcohol is present

Palate: Ashy, peat, a little thin flavored – can tell it is a young’n, sherry influence is there but not overbearing, creamy, dark spices and apples

Finish: Long lasting peat

Comments: A very enjoyable and fun all sherry island whisky. A tasty treat at a great price. If you want to try something different, give a Ledaig a try. –Chris

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