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From Walker to Not-Water

More Single Malt Reviews Soon… but first a few odds and ends that must be addressed…

“Johnnie Walker Gold Label, The Centenary Blend”.  As for the nose, a little heat, gentle grain, smoke, and a medicinal note.  Soothing start, slightly viscous, caramel, malt, mild spice and trace of smoke.  The flavors are well integrated yet retain character. 40%

“Not-Water” aka White Lightning.  Don’t ask where it came from, but yes the jar was the original “packaging”.  Not too sure what this is but when you shake it small bubbles form for a brief moment, which I am told is, in Kentucky, a sign of good quality.  When I cracked the jar and stuck my nose in it I was a bit shocked, a lot of medicinal and cleaning notes.  Childhood memories of stripping varnish off of coffee tables.  When nosed from a small shot-glass the nose is pleasantly buttery and light.  Surprisingly clean palate with a distinctive nutty-ness.  Mild, sweet aftertaste. ?%

NyQuil Cold & Flu”.  Got hit by a cold, that is why there haven’t been as many whisky notes.  So I got to drink this OTC dram.  Dark, translucent green, FD&C Green #3, mostly.  Nose: best avoided, definitely medicinal with a gummy sweetness.  Not really much of a sipper, this is best quickly put down the hatch.  Very viscous, more medicinal notes of a dark and cloying variety.  Best taken with a water back as the tail really sticks around with a lingering high-fructose anti-septic note. 10%ABV

“Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whisky”.  Color, honey with a hint of red.  Nose, heat, mild oak/vanilla, citrus/lime?  Smooth, watery mouth-feel, flavorful sweet, not overpowering, warm grain notes.  Leaves a pleasant caramel/nut taste on the roof of the mouth, lingering, chewy sugar.  Tasty. 44%

“Alaskan Baltic Porter”. Very dark brown/copper.  Nose, vanilla/oak even at a distance, light sour notes and sweet malt.  Lush but not syrupy.  Rich body with only light carbonation, the cherry flavors are muted and delightfully inseparable from the dark malt tones.  Touches of an almost dark chocolate sweetness.  A muted oak note joins in with lingering vanilla in the background.  Amazingly well-rounded imperial stout-like porter.  Complex yet easy to enjoy… great with breakfast.  9.7%

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