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Cardhu 12 – A Solid Daily Dram

Cardhu was once a regular tenant on the shelves of whisky stores here in the US.  Then it disappeared for some less than upfront labeling.  So I was happy to learn that Cardhu was planning on making a return to the States. In fact, I probably annoyed the hell out of the local whisky store as I would come in several times a week to see if the bottles had come in.

Cardhu 12 ~$40

Color: Medium orange/yellow

Nose:  Caramel, sherried sweetness, pleasant maltiness, vanilla cupcake frosting, dark spices – cinnimon and nutmeg, butterscotch candy

Palate:  The first sip seems really weak as it is not as full as the nose, balanced and smooth, warming, malty chewiness,sweet grain, dark spices and oak, all the while with a uplifting sweetness lingering

Finish:  Short, clean, a little lingering spiciness

Comment:  Smooth, not all too complex but it is still interesting, a daily dram that you can relax with, it was my table whisky for some time.  Some snooty whisky folk might knock it for being boring and uninspiring but I find it an enjoyable whisky that is an easy sipper.  A good gateway whisky for someone just starting on their single malt journey.  And a great value for the price!

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