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AD Rattray Auchroisk 20


Auchroisk…I have to admit I take way too much enjoyment out of being able to clear my throat at the same time that I say the name of this distillery. This Diageo owned Speyside distillery that started producing whisky in 1974 is primarily put into blends. Because it is mainly used in blends, you don’t see many bottles of Auchroisk out there. Diago did recently release a distillery bottling of a 20 year Auchroisk. This bottling that we are trying today is also a 20 year old but is from one of our favorite Independent Bottlers – AD Rattray.

AD Rattray Auchroisk 20 ~$80.00
Distilled: February 2, 1991
Bottled: May 17, 2011
Bourbon Barrel, Cask #2557
52.8% ABV

Color: Light gold with a tinge of copper.
Nose: Decidedly sharper than Chichibu the First – what I was tasting along side, tons of tropical fruits, star fruit, very bright, vanilla, fruit cocktail. Some malt and dustiness comes forward after the waves of fruits pass by.
Mouth: A kiss of smoke that took me by surprise, vanilla, slightly dry, thin mouth feel, not as hot as expected, clean firm malt, refreshing, bright tropical fruits, sweet, lights up the back of the tongue with a nice spice combined with the tropical fruits.
Finish: Short and clean.

With some water
Nose: Even brighter, more malty more fruity, full bouquet of fruits.
Mouth: Toned down and mellow, lost some of its brightness, but definitely revs up the vanilla and spices, loses some of the fruits in favor of the spices – interesting shift in flavor. Get more cereal notes as well.
Comments: A very refreshing whisky that works great on a relaxing sunny day. This is a damn fine whisky I have to say and especially at the price. The Diageo 20 year is ~$180. AD Rattray keeps the hits coming.


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