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A Guy Walks Into a Bar and Orders a Talisker 10…

Found myself down at Rickhouse the other night looking for something refreshing.  Ok, maybe it wasn’t quite night and maybe I wasn’t necessarily looking for something refreshing.  Fine.  One afternoon I wandered into Rickhouse looking for some whisky.  I didn’t need something grand, simply something good.  I had not had Talisker 10 in recent memory and decided it would be an excellent opportunity to recalibrate my opinion of a widely available Island whisky. The color was a yellow-copper-red.  But then so is almost everything in a darkened bar… which is how I like them. So forget about the color.  In any event, it looked good filling out the glass as it was.  A peaty sweetness wrapped in smoke climbed out of the glass and into my nose.  There was more action brewing behind the initial scent.  Sweet muscat (slightly redundant, but there you are) and something toasty.  I probably could have nosed a bit more out of it but i really needed to drink it.  So I did.  Oil and pepper and malt and heat.  Then more pepper, Talisker’s signature pepper but with added char and a bold, indignant presence.  A sizable tendril of smoke, a fog of burnt sugar, and touch of spice (more pronounced on the second sip) rounded the experience out.  And I was pleased.  While I’ve enjoyed Talisker’s double matured and its 25 year no end, I hadn’t taken the time to give the latest version of the 10 year its due.  In the end I found all 45.8% of it quite refreshing.

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