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Signatory Vintage 11 Year Old Caperdonich

Caperdonich is not a very well known distillery, actually it is quite obscure. It started its life way back in 1898 with the very un-unique name of Glen Grant No. 2. Not exactly an inspiring name for a single malt whisky distillery. But Glen Grant No. 2 is what it appeared to functionally be, an additional production facility for Glen Grant. The distillery was initially only open for 4 years before being shut down and it remained closed for over 60 years. Then in 1965 it was reopened and renamed Caperdonich. It stayed in production until 2002 when it was closed again and has remained silent since then. Most of Caperdonich’s output ended up in blends so it is not often that you will find a bottle of single malt Caperdonich.



Distilled 1996 and bottled in 2008
Cask No. 82228 (Hogshead)
Bottled at 43% ABV

Color: The whitest of white wine – hell its almost clear!

Nose: Lots of malt, straw, grass, Mott’s apple sauce, licorice notes in the back.

Palate: Doughy but thin, hints of oak and heather. Not much to it at all though.

Finish: Short, really short – where did it go? Was it even here?

Comments: The nose was really nice, straight forward, but nice. I was expecting there to be a lot more on the palate. But unfortunately it just wasn’t there. This expression is entirely pedestrian and rather forgettable. This is my first and only Capperdonich, I really hope that there are some better expressions out there. Anyone???

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