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Scott’s Selection 1964 North of Scotland Single Grain 43 Year Review #whisky

I don’t drink a lot of grain whisky (that isn’t bourbon).  The only ones that come to mind are Compass Box Asyla and Nikka Single Coffey Grain.  The North of Scotland Distillery was shutdown in 1980 and dismantled/demolished in 1993.  From what I have seen the trend has been to release very old expressions.  This one was distilled in 1964 at 48.5%.

Color:  Dark copper

Nose:  Grain, grain and more grain – sweet.  Straw, cinnamon and Christmas spices, kind of like walking into a Cost Plus.

Palate:  The sweetness of the grain is in your face, slightly bitter notes come through, has a nice heat backbone that carries it.

Finish:  Sweetness is still there, lingers on the front and sides of the tongue.

An interesting change from our regularly scheduled program of scotch whisky.  I can drink it every once in awhile, but not something that I would turn to regularly.

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