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Giving Tormore a Try

For me, Tormore is one of the lesser known distilleries.  It is a relatively new distillery being constructed in 1959 – apparently the first distillery built in Scotland in the 20th Century.  Sufficed to say, I never tried a Tomore so I didn’t know what to expect from this bottling.

Gordon and Macphail Reserve Tormore
Distilled 1997, Bottled 2009 at 43%ABV
1st fill Bourbon Barrel, Cask No. 6397

Color:  Light gold

Nose: Ripe green apples, white peaches, surprisingly boozy, an odd wisp of mint that was totally unexpected

Palate: Mint steps up initially, malty, multitude of different spices, aggressive up front the smooths out, heavy oak and char.  I was expecting more bourbon notes from a first fill barrel.

Finish: Medium-long, spices and oak.

Comments: A feisty whisky that took me by surprise.  The flavors that I was finding were really unique.  I went back to it again later and still picked up those notes.  I guess that is what happens when you try a single cask from a distillery that you are not familiar with.  Hope to expand my whisky horizons with more unique expressions. – Chris

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