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Suntory Chita Single Grain

The filler that blends are made of…well that’s what you might be thinking, but I have had some pretty tasty single grain whiskies: North of Scotland as well as Nikka’s Single Grain. The Chita distillery (知多蒸溜所) is Suntory’s grain distillery that is located in Aichi Prefecture.

Chita Single Grain

Stats: Aged 12 years bottled at 43%ABV

Color: 18k gold.

Nose: Sweet grain and lots of alcohol – straight into the nose if you get too close

Palate: Obviously lots of grain sweetness, silky smooth mouth feel, oranges, not very complex at all.

Finish: Grain sweetness, clean.

Comments: A very straight forward grain whisky that is smooth, soft and well rounded. Nothing amazing or adventurous, but no real flaws. I can tell why this goes into blends to soften things out.

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