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Glenrothes 1995 Signatory Un-Chillfiltered Collection

I have only had some of the more recent OB releases of Glenrothes and to be frank nothing really stood out for me.  There wasn’t anything necessarily bad about them, they just didn’t leave much of an impression.  Too middle of the road and “safe” for my likings.  So which ones have I tried?  I simply can’t remember.  And no, it is not what you are thinking – I was enjoying in moderation each time.  The surgeon general would be proud of my efforts.  The reason I can’t remember, is a lot of the line is identified by year only and the labels and bottles all look the same.  It is like a mini-version of my Bruichladdich confusion.  In any event, I decided to give this Signatory bottling a try and see if it would be any different.

Color – Pale straw

Nose –  Sweet, cola, rootbeer, watermelon jolly rancher.

Palate –  Cream, spices, nice sweet tones (strawberries?), grassy, malt, hotter than I expected.

Finish –  Full mouth feel, heat.

This Glenrothes was memorable I am happy to say.  The nose was playful and interesting.  The creaminess on the palate was a delight.  I wanted to post a picture but I have to dig through the empty bottle stash to find it first.  It was a hit so the contents were not long for this world.  I will edit and post a picture as soon as I can find it.


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New Review Signatory Un-Chillfiltered Collection Highland Park #Whisky

Signatory Un-Chillfiltered Collection Highland Park Bottles

This is an independent bottling of Highland Park from the island of Orkney by Signatory – through their Un-Chillfiltered Collection.  My experience with the Un-Chillfiltered series has been hit and miss.  Many have just been plain unimpressive and forgettable.  A young Caol Ila comes to mind; I will have to look back through my notes to find which one that was.  This HP wasn’t spectacular, but it wasn’t anything bad.

This HP is 13 y/o.  Distilled in 1993 and bottled in 2007 at 46%.

Signatory Un-Chillfiltered Collection Highland Park Label

Color: light yellow, gold, champagne;

N: Hints of citrus, lemon?, smoke in the background, brine;

P: fresh, malty, refined, sweet, cinnamon spice notes, no noticeable smoke.

F: watery, the sweetness lingers.

With water: N: brings out the sweetness, loses the smoke and brine.

P: More vibrant and fresh, more malty.

Decent expression of HP. Doesn’t get too far away from the distillery flavors like some Independents do. Definitely clean and refined like an HP should be.

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Signatory Cask Strength Collection Highland Park 1986 22y/0 Review #whisky #malt

Color:  Chardonnay

Signatory Cask Strength Collection Highland Park Whisky

Nose: Green Apples, little saltiness, malt

Palate: Strong maltiness, very clean and refined (epitome of Highland Park).  Hints of smoke and peat in the background.  Honey. Full flavored, mid tongue heat.  Not very viscous.

Finish: long, lingering and spices on the tongue.

To me, Highland Park with it’s clean lines, seems like the Rodeo Drive of scotch.  I can’t help but think that drinking it will somehow bump me up in the social class ladder or something =P


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