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Signatory Vintage 12 Year Old Glen Grant

Glen Grant

All of the Glen Grants I have tasted have generally been well rounded, light and crisp – except for a 37 Year Old Duncan Taylor bottling that I still dream about. This particular Glen Grant falls in line with the majority.


12 Year, Distilled 1997, Bottled 2009
Cask No. 3884 Hogshead
Bottled at 43%ABV

Color: Light Amber

Nose: Malty candied sweetness, white grapes, a fresh apple tart, ripe pears.

Palate: Very representative of the nose – almost the same thing, additionally some vanilla, oak dryness and white pepper.

Finish: medium, white pepper spice.

Comments: I like! This is a well rounded malt, fresh and vibrant. It isn’t going to blow your mind and leave a lasting impression but it is a great relaxing dram to enjoy on a warm day.

We also posted some notes on the OB 10 Year Old bottling here.

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Tasting Notes on Singatory Vintage 15 y/o Rosebank

This will be the first of a series of 5 posts on the silent distillery Rosebank.  Rosebank was a lowland distillery that was mothballed in 1993 and is usually known for subtle floral notes.  They tend to be lighter and more delicate.  It is on the other end of the spectrum from Islay malts.  My buddy Derek is a Rosebank fiend – he buys bottles as fast as he can find them.  I originally rolled over to his house this week to grab dinner but it turned into an in-prompt-to Rosebank tasting.  We lined them up in the order we thought would flow best.  The first one in line was a 15 year old Signatory Vintage Collection.

Signatory Vintage Collection Rosebank

Distilled November 27, 1991
Bottled November 27, 2006
Cask Number 4767 (Bourbon)
43% ABV

Color – White wine

Nose – Lots of malt, light powdered sugar, the distinct floral notes, a touch of the bourbon cask comes through too.

Palate – Soft subtle heather, a natural sweetness, oak/bourbon forward but with the floral notes in the background, some bitterness too.

Finish – Oak, a slight wisp of smoke.

This expression exemplifies a good Rosebank. Subtle but at the same time full of flavor. I really liked this one.

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