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Suntory Yamazaki 18

Suntory’s Yamazaki line is actually a vatting of 3 different component whiskies that are aged in different casks:  New American Oak, Mizunara (Japanese Oak), and Spanish Oak.  There is more than just an age difference between the Yamazaki 12 and the 18.  The recipe using the 3 component whiskies is also different.  The Yamazaki 12 uses a higher percentage of the New American Oak, while the Yamazaki 18 uses more Spanish Oak.  We reviewed the Yamazaki 12 here – now let’s take a taste of the the more heavily Spanish Oak influenced expression.

Yamazaki 18

Color:  Light Copper

Nose:  Intense oak and sherry, prunes, dark red fruits, a little astringent though.

Palate:  Nice chewy mouth feel, multiple layers of sweet sherry, leathery, surprising amount of heat here – almost spicy, a nice earthy tone.

Finish:  Fairly long, tongue numbing and nice.

Comment:  I am not a big sherry head, but this is very well put together, the sherry is integrated very well, it plays a big role here but not over powering.  Between the 12 and the 18: Its a tough call but I, personally, prefer the freshness of the 12 year old with New American Oak influence.


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