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Linkwood 15 Year Old Masters Collection


The Old Masters Collection of independent bottles isn’t a very well known brand around these parts.  In fact I had never seen a bottle before I found this one at The Whisky Shop.  I do like me some Linkwoods so I decided to give it a try.  Also, this is a single cask, non-chill filtered and bottled at cask strength – what more could I ask for?


Distilled 1993 Bottled 2008
Bourbon Barrel Cask No. 1609
59.2% ABV

Nose:  Big alcohol, buttery sweets, some type of synthetic chemical that is a little distracting, black tea, over ripe green grapes

Palate:  Oak, sour milk, muddled spices mixed with some green fruits, numbs the middle of the tongue.

Finish:  Short, surprisingly short with some remnants of the muddled mixture of fruits and spice.

Comments:  The Linkwoods I have had before I really enjoyed.  This one was odd for sure though.  It seemed like the flavors just didn’t fit together.   It was the end of the night and I didn’t want to end on a flat note, so as treacherous and highbrow as it seems, I poured out the last of this dram to make room for something a little more enjoyable before I stumbled up stairs to go to sleep.

Edit:  Joshua over at the JSMWS just posted his review of this same Linkwood expression – definitely check it out to get another impression.


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