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Part III of the Rosebank Tasting: Gordon and Macphail’s Cask Strength 1991 Rosebank

Gordon and Macphail Cask Strength

Yes, another 1991 Rosebank.  However this time it is only 13 years old.  Up until now we were leisurely sipping on 43%ABV whisky – this bottle initiated the cask strength invasion on our palates.

Distilled on April 25, 1991
Bottled on December 7, 2004
Refill Sherry Hogshead (Cask #1536)

Color – 14K gold, orange/yellow

Nose – Toffee, green/vegetables?, stiff jab of alcohol burn – definitely tell it is cask strength, a soft hint of smoke, very lively.

Palate – Viscous and chewy, natural malty sweetness, big and bold!, heather, licorice or fennel seed, the smoke is in the background too.

Finish – Alcohol heat lingers, heather.

This one is a challenge, big bold flavors – not your subtle docile Rosebank. This one fights back. I am really happy that the sherry influence stayed in the back and didn’t overpower. I really enjoyed this one a lot – probably my favorite of the lot.

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