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Bowmore at Dusk

Bowmore’s Dusk has been around for some time.  In years past Bowmore has put out more than a few non-age statement releases.  But why not pick a favorite?  And Dusk it is.  Forget the coastal labels, the mystique.  Let it go and imagine a glass (pick your own glass), in my case it is a well-belled snifter with plenty of room for atmosphere.  Gaze upon a darkening amber.  Breath in the dense sugars born of a crucible of peat, earth, and malt-laden goodness.  And yes, there is some salt in the distance.  Not to mention a strong citrus presence.  And with a lush charred note the red fruit flavors give way to a winey peatiness tinged with a medicinal aspect.  There is a lot to chew on and your gums will not lack for activation.  A ruddy spiciness with burnt-but-not-blackened wood.  Appropriately named because the burned-but-not-black notes of earth and grain and reddish fruit are reminiscent of the palate’s equivalent of the end of daylight, warm with a foreboding, darkening wake.  And some heat keeps you company.  Yum.  Find a bottle and oblivion at your own pace. –Nate

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