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1996 Caol Ila Distiller’s Edition

Had this at one of our tastings some time ago – but didn’t take any notes as I simply wanted to enjoy the event.  I got a little sample bottle of this stuff to revisit recently and it was time I did a little drinking.  It has been a while.  It was Thursday and that is as good a reason as any.  This particular sample of Caol Ila is yellow, light and pale.  The coal and traces of smoke are readily apparent in a pleasant, straightforward manner. The coal is fresh on the tongue and with a mild peat accompaniment.  (One thing I love about whisky is the potential for novel flavor combination and the ability to experience a flavor such as ‘fresh coal’.)  Decently viscous.  Traces of something sweet sneak about the coal and I dare say a lofty fruit note or two (probably from the Moscatel cask) find their way through a mix including light pepper.  A dusty hint-o-peat finish lingers.  A slightly reserved Caol Ila, an easy one to enjoy, and if one takes the time, a spirit not lacking in complexity.  Good to see that the second maturation didn’t overpower the whisky like some DE’s do.


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