Glenfiddich Age of Discovery


I always felt that Glenfiddich is an excellent whisky at an excellent price and is readily available. What more could you ask for? In addition to their solid standard lineup the distillery releases a unique expression here in the US about once a year. We have seen the Snow Phoenix, Cask of Dreams and Malt Master’s Edition over the past couple of years. This year Glenfiddich is releasing their Age of Discovery expression for the first time here. Previously it was only for travel retail, for which it was very appropriately named. Earlier versions included a Madiera cask and a wine casks and both were aged for 19 years. This US release is also aged for 19 years but this time exclusively in ex-bourbon casks. It does come in fairly low at 40% ABV.

Color: Light copper and orange

Nose: Apples, citrus, definitely a vibrant bourbon barrel influence, barley, apple turns more into an apple pie filling sweetness, cinnamon, leather, very harmonious – everything seems to be in its proper place

Mouth: Full of apples and spices, again with vibrant bourbon notes of citrus and vanilla, surprisingly full bodied at such a low ABV, very well put together, a touch dry, a bit of the alcohol comes out more at the back end along with a small touch of bitterness. I tried a touch of water but it completely fell apart on me. I wouldn’t add water to this one.

Finish: Short but not weak. A wisp of the baking spices is the last flavor to leave my mouth.

Overall a very mild mannered and well put together whisky. Don’t mistake this comment to imply a lack of flavor though as it definitely does have it. It is a whisky that you can sit with and drink all night.

*Thank you M Collective for the sample*

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