SMWSA Outturn Sampling

We took a bit of a hiatus due to an attempt to train for my recent run so we are a bit behind. The run is over so now its back to the business of whisky. And what a better way to start than with some single cask SMWSA bottlings? 

12 y/o
2nd fill hogshead
Light dusty straw. Sweet grain and wine. Tropical. Peach. Light and bright spices with cake and medicine on the side. A taste reveals a light and gradual sweet-heat, grass and dough, and it is slightly numbing. What I thought was a little pale in the beginning sticks around with a distinctive grain character and a touch of cola. A certain, elusive flora lingers. And what a nose!

21 y/o
Refill barrel

Light yellow. Sweet, apples and peach and grain up front. A sip reveals a traditional start.  Simple, sweet, lightly malty, and slightly burnt. Pleasing.

12 y/o
Refill sherry

Light gold and leggy.  Caramel, a bit of salt, and a load of atomized sugar. Some butter in the nose as well. The taste is caramel, a strange burnt note, and playful spices. Lingering butter and sugar with a slightly thick mouth feel move into hints of medicine and malts.

9 y/o
Refill barrel

Quite pale dry straw. Burning rubber (think tires), peat, solid malts, and some iodine, maybe. And salted butter. Intriguing. A goodly sip bring welcome, balanced sweet grains followed by peat and hard candy, which merge and develop… Then dust sprinkles in from somewhere. Almost like its from the highland part of Islay.

8 y/o
1st fill Bourbon

Light liquid gold.  Jammy preserves and spices. Toaster-oven toasted malts and nose moves on to a hint of tobacco. Just-right oily. A warm, red, mid-viscous, satisfying journey ’round the palate. Slightly darker, malty sugars just shy of burnt take up residence.  Peaty, but muted… but not lacking in presence.  A pleasant, mid-tongue tingling. Enjoyable, almost robust… In a contradictorily relaxing fashion. Long lingering with hint of ash.

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