Getting the Balance Right – Whisky and Running

It is no secret that I like my booze – maybe a little too much some times.  Where else would I come up with fodder for the drivel that makes up all of these posts here?  But as hard as it is to believe I do like to maintain some modicum of balance in my life when it comes to my health.  Drinking whisky and being healthy are not mutually exclusive pursuits.  Mixed in between the low key after work dram nights and complete destruction what was I thinking nights is a healthy dose running for me.  There always seems to be something that nags at me to get out and hit the road running to balance things out – possibly a form of penance or maybe a  not-so-subliminal message I picked up from an oft forgotten B side track from Depeche Mode.

In any event, my running ambitions crossed paths with my whisky interests (I like euphemisms) a little over a year ago with Glendfiddich’s Cask of Dreams.  As a refresher, Glenfiddich traveled around the US with casks to have people write their dreams and ambitions on to.  Later these casks were used to partially age the whisky that would later be bottled and released as the Cask of Dreams.  I happened by Mitch Bechard rolling one of these casks down by the Ferry Building in San Francisco by pure chance.  Without much thought I hastily scribbled one of my “dreams” onto the cask:  “One day I will run a 50K.”  It probably isn’t all that ambitious of a dream but at the time it might have been the same as me writing that I’ll walk on the moon.

This Saturday, a little over a year after memorializing my dream on the cask, I will be running the NorthFace Endurance Challenge 50K through the Marin Headlands in Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  I don’t know how long it will take me but I just want to survive and finish.  What I do know though is that there is going to have to be a whole lot of whisky consumed after I recover to get the balance right.   – Chris

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