Mr. Dopeman: Shinanoya’s 5th Anniversary Chichibu Bottling


*Image from Shinanoya’s Rakuten Site

Japan’s whisky retailer Shinanoya is quickly becoming my Mr. Dopeman by continuing to release tempting private bottling after tempting private bottling. Every time I hear about a new release from them I get the itch to pick it up. The private bottlings range from a 30 y/o Highland Park to this 3 year old Chichibu. This single cask Chichibu was aged in what Akuto San calls a chibidaru – which is a version of a quarter cask. However, the chibidaru is not constructed the same way as in Scotland. Instead of having less staves, the chibidaru staves are shortened to get to the smaller size.

This private Chichibu bottling comes in at 61%ABV with a price tag of 8,400 yen. You can order from Shinanoya here. I have not tried it, but Shinanoya does state on their site that they can ship to the US and Europe via DHL.


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6 responses to “Mr. Dopeman: Shinanoya’s 5th Anniversary Chichibu Bottling

  1. Great to see you have this image already. I have tried it, at the NBA event, which I wrote a post about. I usually do not bend over backwards for private bottlings but when I tried this I put my name down with out any hesitations. looking forward to mine arriving.

    • I managed to get my time zones mixed up and missed this one! I’ll have to drink vicariously through your notes Clint!

      • You most likely will be able to soon Chris. My bottles are sitting in the cupboard, tempting me. Although the whisky is sensational I’m a bit annoyed with the fact Shinanoya didn’t include the bottle run (161) on the label…they have done before, and all the TIBS Chibidaru’s have. When you pay decent money for limited whisky you’d expect for it to be indicated. I shouldn’t complain too much, it’s only going to get drunk…but still!!

  2. Hi Chris, as a reference I have notes up on this now if you have not already seen. I will re-review this down the track to see significant changes.

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