A Quick Check In

There has been a lot of dead air around here lately – mostly because I finally took some time to get away and have been in Japan for the past few weeks. Things are winding down and I’m headed back home tomorrow night. Another all-to-short vacation is coming to an end. I have been doing mostly non-whisky things while here but I did manage to do a couple of fun whisky related activities that I will be writing about shortly. I have also had a few tasty drams while here and one of my favorite of the trip was a peated single cask BenRiach that was just plain awesome! Tropical fruits, loads of white peaches and just a touch of peat, which was quite surprising.



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3 responses to “A Quick Check In

  1. You should have sang out, we could have caught up for a dram Chris, well, presuming you made it my way, which I guess you didn’t?

    • Hi Clint – I would’ve loved to have met up but it was a pretty hectic schedule and I didn’t make it down south. Yamanashi is as far as I made it that direction.

  2. Those older BenRiachs are liquid gold!!

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