Japan’s Scotch Shop “Shizuka More” Islay Bottling


Japan’s Scotch Shop carries a variety of Distillery as well as Independent Bottlings. They also carry an interesting series called the Shizuku Series. This series is further broken down the Shizuku More and Shizuku Flavor lines. The Shizuku More line consists of single cask expressions from four different regions (Islay, Speyside, Highland and Islands). We do have to play the guessing game with these expressions as the distilleries are not disclosed. The Shizuku Flavor line,as the same suggests, are expressions labeled by flavor profile (Floral, Honey and Smoky) rather than region. Tending to prefer Islay malts and limited on budget the decision was made to go with the single cask Islay bottling. Although it cannot confirmed – after some interrogation – the salesman hinted at this being from Lagavulin…

Shizuku More Islay 3,000円
200ml bottle

Color – straight copper. Big nose, smokey salty bright. A cloud of charged flavors. With an undertow of sugar. An initial warm muteness breaks through dust with a rush of spiced peat, heat, and doughy sugars with a very slowly settling wake of burnt something, caramelized sugar, ash, and salted fruit. An impressively dynamic whisky with bright, faceted aspects. The 58% ABV is well handled and the Islay flavors are frisky and on display. Suspiciously well balanced somewhere between the armchair-fireplace dram and a palate-revitalizing, certainly young, conversation piece. Yum. Nate

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