AD Rattray Bowmore 20


Last time we tasted a couple of younger whiskies from the AD Rattray line up – this time we visit an older Bowmore.

AD Rattray Bowmore 20 $120
Cask: Bourbon (#271)
Distilled: February 26, 1990
Bottled: October 27, 2010
No. of Bottles: 235
ABV: 54%

Color: Light gold

Nose: Wafts of peat and seaside brine, a cakey sweetness underneath the peat, none of the red fruit complexity that I tend to get from Bowmore.  This initially seems like straight forward peat but with time it filled out with coastal breeze, spice and sweet notes.

With water: Sweeter with the water, airs out – becomes lighter, more of the bourbon influence becomes present, some citrus.

Palate: Very oily, big peat forward and fading smoke, a bitter tinge in the middle, oak spice, surprisingly light for a 20 year old.  A lot more subtle than expected.

With water:  Becomes more ashy, softens the spices, dusty, drying, earthy, juice-like sweetness.

Finish: Medium with a full flavor profile of peat, ash, spice and sweetness.

A delicate but full flavored older Bowmore, a different dimension from this distillery, almost Caol Ila like with the sweetness and ash, I really enjoyed this one. Great balance of flavors.


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3 responses to “AD Rattray Bowmore 20

  1. James

    Do you think it’s worth the steep price?
    Is it similar to the DB Bowmores?

    • If it is worth it is completely subjective – I am happy with the purchase but will not be buying again. It is a completely different animal from the standard distillery bottlings.

  2. Kim

    I Think it’s one of the best Whiskies I’ve ever tasted. Smooth, complex and fullbodied.

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