New Release of Ichiro’s Malt Card Series

Ichiro Akuto recently announced the release of 4 additional expressions to his much acclaimed Card Series. The Card Series are from the now closed Hanyu distillery. As you can see the labels will be different from previous releases with different winter constellations in the background – the individual cards on each bottle will remain though. This will bring the total number of bottles in the Card Series to 48. The details of the 4 new expressions are as follows:

Ten of Diamonds: ~13650円/$182
Distilled 1990 Bottled 2011 @ 54.9%ABV
American Oak Puncheon Finish

Nice of Clubs: ~11550円/$154
Distilled 1991 Bottled 2011 @57.3%ABV
Bourbon Barrel Finish

Six of Spades: ~7700円/$102
Distilled 2000 Bottled 2011 @58.6%ABV
Oloroso Sherry Butt Finish

Four of Hearts: ~7700円/$102
Distilled 2000 Bottled 2011 @59.2%ABV
French Oak Cognac Cask Finish

These were just released in Japan and should be available overseas at a later date. A word of advice – do not wait on purchasing a bottle if you want one because they sell out extremely fast.

**Update: Because this is such a new release most of the online shops do not have them listed yet. So far we have found one online shop that has them available.

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