A More Mature White Oak: 12 Year

 Last week I took a taste of White Oak (Eigashima) Akashi 5 year old.  It showed some good promise so I was looking forward to giving its elder sibling a try.

White Oak 12 Year ~$60/500ml
50% ABV

Color: Medium copper, dirty yellow

Nose: Whoa…very weird and funky, rubber, a latex glove, bicycle tires, medicinal, smoke, vegetation, sharp, malt is hiding way in the back, slightest hint of mint candy

Palate: From weird on the nose to yuck on the palate, medicinal – novocaine, burnt rubber is overpowering, then moves towards gnawing on a brand new bicycle tire, smoke, bitter, pepper spice, some dark spices and alcohol burn down the gullet

Finish:  Too long.  Even if it was short it would be too long.  Burnt rubber.

Comments:  Anyone want a bottle of White Oak 12? – Chris

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