Dream On…Glenfiddich’s Cask of Dreams

This has been an unintentionally heavy Glenfiddich week.  As mentioned in my post on Tuesday Glenfiddich has launched its Cask of Dreams campaign.  To help promote the Cask of Dreams, Glenfiddich invited folks to the Clift Hotel on Wednesday to sample some whiskies and learn more about the campaign.  Upon entering the Spanish Suite on the 15th floor we were greeted with an option of two different cocktails using the Glenfiddich 12.  I am not much of a cocktail person but the one I chose was pretty tasty.  After some mingling Mitch Bechard, Ambassador for Glenfiddich, introduced us to the story and goals of the Cask of Dreams.

It is an inspirational campaign that encourages us to do some soul searching for our lofty goals and aspire to achieving them.  On the whisky side of things, brand new American oak casks are being brought to 12 US cities to do some site seeing.  While stopping off at some well known landmarks people will be encouraged to write their dreams on the casks themselves.  The casks in turn will make it back to Dufftown, home of Glenfiddich.  Once there the casks will be filled with a special vatting created by the master blender Brian Kinsman to be aged for a couple months.  The pit stop in the Casks of Dreams will just be to add a finishing touch to the already matured whisky.  The new American oak should add a little bite.  The vatting will consist of whiskies that are between 12 and 16 years old and were aged in bourbon or sherry casks.

We sampled some of the 21 year and 15 year during Mitch’s presentation.  And later we were provided with a taste of a vatting that will be similar to the one that will be used to fill the Cask of Dreams.  This expression was a lot sharper – in a good way – than the regular Glenfiddich range.  There was also a strong dark spice presence.  After the sampling we were invited to write our dreams on the cask. – Chris

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