Coinsidences and Glenfiddich 30

I am not a particularly superstitious – the stars have aligned – kinda person but I prepared most of this post last night with the hopes of finishing it up today and publishing it.  Fast forward to about 12:30 today – I was on my lunch break run that I sometimes try to squeeze in and I spot a cask sitting across the street from the San Francisco Ferry Building.  Then I remembered that Glenfiddich is promoting their Cask of Dreams this Tuesday.  And sure enough I spot Glenfiddich’s West Coast Ambassador Mitch Bechard a couple of paces away from the sadly empty cask – probably better since I was actually attempting to be healthy.  The Cask of Dreams campaign has casks being brought to different landmarks in Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco and Washington DC and along the way people will write their aspirations and dreams on the casks.  I chatted for a bit then scratched my aspiration on the cask with a sharpie and headed off to complete the task at hand – a run.  I am not going to mention what I wrote as my aspiration so as not to jinx it . . . maybe I am a little superstitious? 

Now back to the Glenfiddich 30.  In an earlier post about Glenfiddich I commented on the presence of this distillery’s whisky in almost every bar and restaurant.  For the most part though, the whiskies available are from the standard lineup of 12, 15, 18 and if you are really lucky the 21 year old rum cask.  Today I am trying one of their more limited expressions: the 30 year old.  There are even more rare and older expressions from Glenfiddich, the 40 and 50 year, unfortunately I would need to move the decimal point on my salary significantly to the right in order to afford those.  The 30 year definitely costs a pretty penny, but relatively speaking for a 30 year old distillery bottling it is reasonably priced.  I have to admit, the packaging is really nice, a lot better than a standard cardboard tube or tin. – Chris

Glenfiddich 30 ~$250 40%ABV

Color:  Orange/yellow, light copper

Nose:  Vibrant pears, vanilla, deep oak presence, nicely knit bourbon and sherry notes, complex, spices: cloves and cinnamon, chocolate/fudge

Palate:  Chocolate, smooth but complex, a deep wood influence, a nice sweetness, surprisingly lively, some spiciness, drying, fudge towards the end

Finish:  Long lingering spice

Comments:  Nice and smooth as expected, but it is still interesting and complex.  I can see how some would really enjoy this whisky.  For those that are into cask strength and big bold flavors, this is probably not for you.  But if you want a refined deep flavored whisky then this might be right up your alley.


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4 responses to “Coinsidences and Glenfiddich 30

  1. dg

    hope to see you and Nate there tomorrow, watch out for black cats under ladders…

  2. 250$ is a lot for a “refined’ whisky 😉
    is it worth the $$$ Chris?
    I never been a big Fiddich fan, but i enjoy them form time to time. i need to experiment more.
    which GF do you recommend? besides this?


    • Gal – Being worth it is a personal call. If this is your style of whisky then I think you would be satisfied with what you get. I, personally, would purchase other whiskies at that price point though.

      I think the 102 (51%ABV) Distillery Edition is a little more interesting compared to their standard lineup.

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