Kirin’s Fuji San Roku Whisky and the Disappearing Bottle Act

I gave in a picked up a bottle of Kirin’s whisky, Fuji Sanroku (“The Base of Mount Fuji”).  Previously sighted on the internet, I noticed it on the shelves of liquor stores of Japan while making purchases of some more rarefied whiskies.  While I immediately liked the label and the overall look, I admit to having been a bit dismissive.  Frankly put, its cheap.  At under $20 bucks and 50 proof, I had some concerns about the contents of the otherwise respectable bottle.  So there I was, loading up my basket with goodies and I noticed “The Base of Mount Fuji”, noticed the price, rationalized that slipping the bottle in the basket wouldn’t seriously impact the budget and proceed to do so.  And something in me wanted to know what the hell it tasted like.

Jump forward to the evening and a card game was rapidly becoming a reality.  Liquor goes well with cards.  Simultaneously a source of solace and a reward for a hand well-played (or simply an offering to the forces of luck in the universe), whisky can play counterpoint to many card game.  Malts, dense water, salt and caramel… all joined with a medicinal touch, a moment of vanilla and oak.  A sip took me to a smokey/roasted aspect that quickly fled and gave way to a grain smoothness-chocolate and a sweet , numbing aspect.  Respectably vibrant and chewy.  Money well spent and money well-burnt.  Grains  are present and sugars are in the wings.  And soon the bottle was gone.  Seriously, I don’t have the faintest idea where the bottle went but I am sure it went there empty.  Perhaps this is a new, magical form of recycling that Kirin has cooked up.  In any event, if you aren’t a collector of bottles and your need a whisky to ride shotgun but not distract you from the activities at hand, this is a solid return on your investment.


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6 responses to “Kirin’s Fuji San Roku Whisky and the Disappearing Bottle Act

  1. Hey, it’s Dai. Is it still true that you can only bring back 1L of alcohol per person to the US from abroad?

  2. Dai,

    You can bring all you want back for personal consumption. But only the first liter is exempt from duty/tax. Anything over one liter is charged a duty depending on the type of alcohol and the proof. It is generally ~3% though. -Chris

  3. Ryan

    I have one of these bottles in my possession and as for a 50 for 20$ by far one of the best tasting bottles for its price. Since I am in Japan I’ve been doing alot of going around in the awamori section and aged awamori along with there whiskery. Very pleasant indeed. Question I had was the profiel on tasting in the awamori section to identify my own. one of my favorite is kami muru shuzo 43 proof tel for company is 090-964-7628 +81 is the area code but need to be good in Japanese 😦 its aged for 5 years in some wood will find more about it how ever this punch is nicevery very smooth as well. Price tag if I remember right is $60.

  4. Matthew Berglund

    I brought back a bottle of this from Japan but have been reluctant to open it. Do you know of any shops that sell it? I am able to find the Hibiki and Yamazaki locally and at a great price but have yet to see this one again.

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