Suntory Week Sign-Off

Unfortunately, Suntory week is at an end.  While it would have been grand to run it for another week, sadly our Suntory reserves are perilously low.  Frankly, our reserves were never formidable to start with.  That is one of the problems with more than a few of the Suntory whiskies.  The Hibikis satisfy under almost any circumstance, the Yamazakis are solid classics, and the Hakushus are simply a treat.  In order to address this problem, nothing short of a trip to Japan is scheduled for the last week of February.  Besides a healthy slew of new acquisitions, a tour of Yamazaki is on the schedule.  Truth be known, I doubt the fruit of this trip will result in another Suntory week.  A few postings may result, but there is a good chance that some of these up-coming bottles will be mewed up for a special occasion or conspicuously consumed in some bacchanalian moment of abject delight.  But perhaps by the time of the following purchase-run (maybe Summer?) things might be right for part II of Suntory week.  The pleasure is mine.

But one last Suntory review parting shot . . .

Yamazaki 10
40%ABV $$Cheap – regularly stocked at 7-11 cheap

Nate’s Impressions:

One of the things I love about the Yamazaki 10 is how easy it is to enjoy.  Not a flagship release, but no compromise.  This is not my favorite Suntory whisky, but it is tasty and easy to drum up when on the lamb in Japan and I have stocked a hotel room with it on occasion… and usually checked out with an empty bottle (yes, the bottle was usually left behind, but I like the flow of that sentence) .  Light gold.  Malt and water, crispy fruit and sugars and a touch of salt sprinkled over a wood marmalade.  And that’s only the nose.  Roasted and toasty malts fill out the body with an overall sweetness.  Bright spices, pepper and marshmallow find their way in, dragging a little char with them.  A pale citrus note combined with a peppery wood finish add to the mix.  You can taste some Hakushu connection somewhere in here.  A solid, frontline standard-bearer of Suntory’s contributions to whisky.

Chris’ Impressions:

Color: Light gold

Nose: Sharp, crisp, new oak bite, a little abrasive and medicinal, green apples, buttery, waxy, very Highland-y, over ripe green grapes

Palate: A lot smoother than the nose led on, quite pleasant – maybe too much so, new oak spice, green grapes, a simple syrup sweetness, little chewy and waxy

Finish: Short, some oak spice

Comments: Don’t let the low price point scare you away.  It is definitely an entry-level whisky, nice and easy to drink, a hot summer’s day dram with dare I say a cube of ice?  


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3 responses to “Suntory Week Sign-Off

  1. Congratulations on completing the Suntory week! Indeed, no doubt a very selfless task done in the name of altruistic enlightenment. 😉 I’m a somewhat ashamed at how little Suntory whisky I have in my possession right now; just a small bottle of cask strength Yamazaki 10 from the distillery, and a slowly dwindling Hibiki 17.

    Hope the trip to Japan goes well!

    • Thanks! It truly was hard work ;)Is it taht tough to get Japanese whisky there? You can always hop a plane back to Japan to restock!

      • One particular chain of liquor stores here usually carries Yamazaki 12. Otherwise, you have to go to a specialist store which also has Yoichi, Hakushu, Miyagikyou, a couple of Nikka vatted malts, but I think that’s about it. It’s been a while since I’ve been in there to have a look though, but it sure isn’t cheap. A bottle of Nikka Pure Malt will cost $100, over three times the price of what you pay for it in Japan. :-\

        Anyway, I’m hoping to make a trip over to Japan next year, and I’ll definitely be hauling back some of the good stuff. 🙂

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