The Table Whisky…Decisions Decisions

Recently I ran out of my table whisky – Cardhu 12.  An affordable, relatively interesting whisky that I don’t worry about powering through.  If you are not familiar with the table whisky check out Nate’s guest blog here. So now I need to decide what I am going to pick up to replace the Cardhu.  Talisker, Laphroaig or Glenkinchie 10? Maybe a Glenfiddich or Bunnahabhain 12? Is the new Ledaig out yet?  Sheesh too many choices…What does everybody else have for their daily table whisky? – Chris


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11 responses to “The Table Whisky…Decisions Decisions

  1. nulty

    It’s not really a “daily” table whisky, but if I were to chose a go-to dram, it’d be a Glencadam 10.

  2. Paulo Reichert

    Why choose only 1 table whisky? I can never settle for having only one, but usually prefer to have 3-4 on the go. My ideal 4-bottle table set would be along the lines of:

    Ardbeg 10yo
    Longrow C.V.
    Glenlivet, Glenfiddich or Balvenie (all 12 yo, alternating between them)
    Aberlour A’bunadh (my favourite after dinner)

    I will alternate those bottles: for example I have just finished a Bowmore Tempest and a Mortlach 12 yo from Berry Bros, both thoroughly enjoyed and with spare bottles waiting in the cabinet for their turn to be consumed.

    • Chris

      I am trying to stick to one for now to keep my whisky spending under control. It got away from me a little last year! Your approach is one that I definitely agree with though.

      Tell me more about the Mortlach. I like Mortlach’s!

      • Paulo Reichert

        That Mortlach is quite an interesting one: It was a private bottling from Berry Bros. to the St. James’s Althoff hotel in London but for some reason the hotel didn’t purchase the whole lot in the end. Berry Bros. then offered the bottles the hotel didn’t buy in their outlet shop in Basingstoke for £19.95. I was there for a wine event last November and after tasting that whisky I bought myself 4 bottles.

        It’s aged 12 years old in what I believe to be refill bourbon casks, has a very pale straw like colour, the palest whisky I have ever seen.

        The nose is beautiful balanced with sublte peatiness, dried fruits, a bit of vanilla and custard and the palate follows up with honey, fruits and spices.

        When I tasted the whisky at their shop I knew I had stumbled upon what is probably the best value for money single malt I have ever had. They still had I reckon about 60 70cl bottles available last time I’ve been there a few weeks ago, plus a lot of smaller sizes.

      • We are only now starting to be able to sample spirits in retail stores here in California. Looks like one hell of a whisky and even a better deal!

  3. James K

    Highland Park 12 is up there for me.

  4. I’m fond of Auchentoshan Classic for an inexpensive, inoffensive, unchallenging daily dram. I don’t feel like I have to analyze it every time I drink it, which is relaxing.

    I feel the same way about Laphroaig 10 year, which is also a fabulous value and tastes like an old friend, since it was my first-ever single malt.

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