Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix

Glenfiddich is one of the long standing pillars of the Scotch whisky world. Recently, with the exception of a rum cask here and a solara method there, the Glenfiddich range has stayed the course and remained extremely consistent.  Some might argue boring.  Well for all those that hold this belief, we encourage you to give their latest release a try.  The Snow Phoenix is a limited release that is bottled at cask strength.  It is a vatting of 13 to 30 year old whiskies.  The story behind his release is that one of the storage warehouses collapsed under the weight of built up snow.  This resulted in the barrels that were aging being exposed to the elements.  Malt Master Brian Kinsman selected several casks and married them together to produce the Snow Phoenix.  There are only 12,o00 bottles allotted for the US.

We had the fortune of trying the Snow Phoenix last Monday with Glenfiddich’s West Coast Ambassador Mitch Bechard.  Many thanks Mitch!

Snow Phoenix 47.6%ABV ~$89.99

Chris’ Impressions:

Color:  Light yellow

Nose:  Vibrant alcohol, pear, sweet, powdered sugar, floral

Palate:  Big apples and pears, honey, alcohol numbness, malty dough, surprising spice

Finish:  Medium

Comments:  This is a very interesting and complex dram that has a lot of life to it – vibrant.  I love the fact that it is bottled at cask strength. It is really good to see (taste?) Glenfiddich taking the path less traveled by them.  Mr. Frost would approve – poor pun intended.  At the price point, I would strongly consider picking up a bottle of this limited release.

Nate’s Impressions:

I felt lucky to have an opportunity to sample this prior to the official release.  The color was particularly light with a tinge of gold.  A significant divergence from its name, the nose was pear, honey, vanilla, slightly roasted earth, and Spring.  A slightly viscous body delivered mild heat, roasted pear and grain with some bourbon in the background and a spicy, sweet wine note somewhere in the background.  This whisky starts pleasant and then gets fun.  It riddles out the best aspects of the 12 year and the 15 year and weaves them together with some curiously fresh flavors.  I am glad to see Glenfiddich mixing up the line-up (even if only temporarily) with this well-crafted edition.


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3 responses to “Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix

  1. GAL

    i want to try this one too.

    btw: great posts recently chris. way to go!

  2. gal

    Now that i’ve bought a share of abottle of this…. i dont know if i like it or if it’s OK 😉
    post coming soon. i will make my mind up until then

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