Scarface makes the jump from screen legend to beer…

Dropped into City Beer and, what a surprise, another special release was on tap. Coincidence? I think not. Ok, so maybe I got a heads-up… but I probably would have ended up there anyway. Speakeasy’s special edition stout, Scarface was pouring. Speakeasy can brew up some good beers and I drink a fair share of their Hunter’s Point Porter. Scarface, however, I would say is their best expression. A solid, traditional stout with Speakeasy’s no-nonsense flavor profile. Roasted malts – dark and satisfying – and not a gimmick in sight. And then the special edition was tapped for all’s drinking pleasure. This was what the doctor order…and daddy needed his medicine. Dark black. Very dark… bordering on pitch-dark. Dense bourbon in the nose but not all at once… something held the spirit in check so as not to be overpowering. Enough olfactory foreplay. The body was roasted with chocolate, and coffee/caramel. Roasted… and smoothly tied together. The whole thing ended on a satisfying stout palate of dark and simple hues. A respectable melee of flavors… front-loaded with bourbon but conquered by stout.

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