Linkwood 15 Year Old Masters Collection


The Old Masters Collection of independent bottles isn’t a very well known brand around these parts.  In fact I had never seen a bottle before I found this one at The Whisky Shop.  I do like me some Linkwoods so I decided to give it a try.  Also, this is a single cask, non-chill filtered and bottled at cask strength – what more could I ask for?


Distilled 1993 Bottled 2008
Bourbon Barrel Cask No. 1609
59.2% ABV

Nose:  Big alcohol, buttery sweets, some type of synthetic chemical that is a little distracting, black tea, over ripe green grapes

Palate:  Oak, sour milk, muddled spices mixed with some green fruits, numbs the middle of the tongue.

Finish:  Short, surprisingly short with some remnants of the muddled mixture of fruits and spice.

Comments:  The Linkwoods I have had before I really enjoyed.  This one was odd for sure though.  It seemed like the flavors just didn’t fit together.   It was the end of the night and I didn’t want to end on a flat note, so as treacherous and highbrow as it seems, I poured out the last of this dram to make room for something a little more enjoyable before I stumbled up stairs to go to sleep.

Edit:  Joshua over at the JSMWS just posted his review of this same Linkwood expression – definitely check it out to get another impression.


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4 responses to “Linkwood 15 Year Old Masters Collection

  1. Perhaps this is why these guys are called the “Old Masters”. You should have bought some Linkwood from the “Recently Anointed Masters”

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