Another Rosebank. Gordon and Macphail 16 Year Old

Well I went through the Rosebank gauntlet a couple of months ago but here I am again with another Rosebank.  Last time through I gave my impressions of the Gordon and Macphail 18 year old and mentioned that it had replaced the now extinct 16 year old.  Well, leave it up to my Rosebank fiend buddy Derek to find a bottle of the old 16.

Distilled in 1991
Aged in oak casks for 16 years

Color:  Light gold.

Nose:  Green apples, basket of light fruits and the distinctive floral tones, hints of spice, straw.

Palate:  Very clean, heather, apples, nice malt background, soft at the start with some firm punch at the end.

Finish: Medium, faint cinnamon.

Comments:  Nicely balanced, very drinkable.  Another nice easy going but flavorful Rosebank. I forgot to snap a picture of the bottle, but will update this post when I do.

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