Nikka From The Barrel: The Tasting That Almost Wasn’t

Corresponding from Japan Nate has unsurprisingly found some time to drink – and to be fair write too I guess:

When preparing to review this whisky, something I have been anticipating with more than a little excitement, I managed to spill a cup of water on the desk behind and under my computer. Luckily, while the computer did shut down ever-so-briefly, catastrophe was avoided and it booted right back up.

After cleaning up the traces of water I sat down and got ready to sample in earnest, which was when I knocked my glass of freshly poured whisky over, splashing it onto the neighboring window and the increasingly put-upon desk. Amazingly I didn’t swear. A thorough cleansing of the window, desk, and floor and I was back in the saddle. Now that the desk had enjoyed a water with a whisky back, I was a bit envious and even more in the mood for a drink.

In the interest of avoiding any further delay (earthquake, sunspot activity) I quickly poured another sample and got down to business. Frankly, it is hard to believe this whisky costs under $20 for a 500ml. The 51.4% pedigree and the cool rectangular bottle with a handsomely Spartan label would have been enough for me. But this whisky delivered beyond the already pleasing aesthetics. I found it possessed of solid and shifting flavors with a light, watery mouth-feel. Classic Yoichi dark and dense malt, a trace of lemon, and decent heat. Hints of roast mushroom and burnt sugar preceded a curiously satisfying tail including a mildly sweet, dark numbing character with a touch of charred grain. Satisfying, and a bargain at twice the price, which is why I am saving my receipts for customs.

Edit:  This whisky has been very popular lately.  We suggest you read Joshua’s, Jason’s and Gal’s reviews too.

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