Suntory Yamazaki 12

The Yamazaki 12 is as standard as you are going to get in the US for Japanese whisky. This is Suntory’s flag ship single malt here. I have sipped on this expression multiple times but never actually sat with it to write up my impressions.

Yamazaki 12

Color: Yellow-Orange
Nose: Oak, green apples, soft waves of sweetness, fresh.
Palate: Apples, oaky spice bite, fairly dry, cereal, light and refreshing, fruit sweetness, well balanced.
Finish: Medium, dry, surprisingly fairly viscous,

Comments: very well balanced. A great relaxing whisky that you can sip on all day or night depending on your level of dereliction. After going through the component whiskies in our Japanese tasting I can really make out the new American oak in this one. A great whisky for a warm spring/summer day. It’s also a great bargain.


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6 responses to “Suntory Yamazaki 12

  1. GAL


    indeed, this is an amazing bargain and a very good whisky.
    lovely stuff, very affordable, drinkable and high quality.

    well made.

    I’ve had the 10, which is not as good, the 18 which is superb and the sherry casks which is also amazing.

  2. James K

    My thought was that the 12 was flat and could swear it was a younger whisky than its age statement. I do like the 18 however. Btw, isn’t Suntory’s flagship in the US the 18 YO? In terms of Japanese whiskies, I’ve been wanting to try the Nikka line, but I can’t find it anywhere in the Bay Area.

    • Interesting impression that you got from it. Great to see differing opinions. And you are absolutely right, the 18 is the flagship, 12 is more like the landing vehicle establishing the beachhead here.
      When we meet up I can bring some Nikka’s along for you to try.

  3. DM

    I love the Yamazaki 12, but was surprised to find it actually more expensive in Japan than in the US. So I ended up purchasing the 10 YO, and was quite disappointed. I’ll stick with the Suntory Special Reserve blend for an everyday drink.

    • DM, that is something I noticed as well. The 12, 18 and the Hibiki 12 are all more expensive in Japan. I haven’t had the Special Reserve before, I’ll have to give it a try. The Nikka Pure Malt’s are a good choice as well for a low priced whisky.

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