Part IV of the Rosebank Tasting: SMWS 25.51 18 Year Rosebank

Continuing into the realm of the cask strength bottlings of Rosebank we found ourselves pouring the Single Malt Whisky Society’s (SMWS) 25.51. The actual name that SMWS decided to give this bottle of Rosebank is a treasure trove of material for anyone looking to engage in some sophomoric humor: “Cherry Lips and Bitter Nuts.” I will just leave it at that.

My experiences with SMWS bottlings have been great – from ash and coal Islay’s to other heathery soft Lowlands. So I was really looking forward to trying this one.

18 Years Old
52.7% ABV
Refill Bourbon Casks

Color – Champagne/light yellow

Nose – BAM! Bourbon! Tobacco and um…more bourbon, apple cider, dark fruits, grain, a little bit of a “highland-y” nose

Palate – Dry oak, cherries, cola, huge bourbon influence with the tobacco and dark spices, there might be trace amounts of heather in there but I think it was just my mind telling me that there should be.

Finish – Cola on the way out, chewy almost syrupy, and that bourbon is still hanging around

I think there was originally some Rosebank in there – it just got completely obliterated by the bourbon. Not a good one if you are looking to actually taste some of the traditional Rosebank flavors.

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One response to “Part IV of the Rosebank Tasting: SMWS 25.51 18 Year Rosebank

  1. Take the name Rosebank (and all you’d expect from it) out of the picture and this sounds amazing!

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