Scott’s Selection 1982 Port Ellen 21 Year Old Review

Well here I find myself with another extinct distillery – Port Ellen.   The legend of Port Ellen is quite large and there is a wealth of information about it in the whisky blogosphere.  I really wouldn’t have much to add to it.  So following the path of least resistance I won’t even try.

Independent bottler Scott’s Selection  bottling of Port Ellen.  Distilled in 1982 and bottled in 2003.  Bottled at cask strength 56.4%ABV.

Port Ellen

Color – Light gold

Nose  – Peat, light smoke, BBQ’d oysters, apple cider, coastal brine and seaweed.

Palate – Oak, clean, surprisingly sweet at the front, then the peat and smoke starts to come out but not overly dominant, hints of citrus, mouth coating, the cask strength works well.

Finish – numbing with a nice malty sweetness on the way out with the peat smoke and ashes  nicely framed in the background.

With H2O

Nose – Opens up the oak and malt even more.

Palate – Really takes the alcohol edge off and rounds it out, licorice, oak is more dominant, but where did the peat and smoke go?

I really enjoyed this PE.  It is more on the clean, straight forward peat and smoke side of things.  Instead of the leather and tobacco flavor profile that I have tasted in PE before.  I do prefer it neat though as I was really surprised how much the peat and smoke was muted with the water.


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6 responses to “Scott’s Selection 1982 Port Ellen 21 Year Old Review

  1. I’ve only had one Port Ellen so far, their 1978 2nd release: I’ve got three wee samples in my arsenal and hope to dig in to those soon. I find that, of all the Islay malt, PE is the most coastal of all. Almost reminds me of a Campbeltown (at least the one I had…).

    • Joshua, PE is definitely an interesting one. I really enjoyed your review of the second release – interesting comparison to Campbeltown. The problem with PE is that it is so darn expensive! Which other expressions do you have if you don’t mind me asking. I have had the Provenance expression and hope to get into a Signatory Unchillfiltered soon as well.

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