Old Malt Cask Jura 15 Review

Another Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask expression.  This time from Jura.  I haven’t really decided what I think about Jura yet.  The OB’s have been

OMC Jura

overwhelmingly “ho-hum” for me.  So maybe this sherry finished independent will spice it up a little bit?

Stats – Distilled in 1990 and bottled in 2005 at 50% ABV.  This one spent most of its aging life in an oak cask before being transferred to a sherry cask for 6 months.

Color – Dark amber/orange, black tea.

Nose –  Sweet sherry, some spices, mint, hint of smoke.

Palate –  Big sherry influence, brine, oak in the background, middle tongue heat.

Finish – Tongue coating, medium viscosity.

With H20:

Nose – Brings out the alcohol, even stronger sherry, malty.

Palate – Sweeter, more sherry, wet cardboard.

This is definitely for those that like sherried whisky.  In fact, it might simply be for those that just plain like sherry.  The sherry totally took over and the distillery flavors were wiped out.  This one just didn’t do it for me – lacked balance.


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3 responses to “Old Malt Cask Jura 15 Review

  1. Gal

    I love sherry, but i also like whisky 😉
    i only tasted one expression of the jura (superstition) and it was nice, but not wow.
    need to taste some older ones.
    have u got a bottle of this or was it just a sample.

    • Gal, Yes you do seem to have a “sherry tooth” especially with the Glenfarclas! I too need to try some of their older releases as everything I have tried so far was relatively new. I have a bottle of this, but it was down to the last vapors I believe. I will check and let you know. If there is some I will shoot it over to you for a try.

  2. Hmmm, interesting. I’ve only had the Superstition expression which I “liked” but it seemed quite one-dimensional. Being that I have a sample of this at home 🙂 I’ll have to give this one a go soon to see what I get from this whisky.

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