Old Malt Cask Laphroaig La Maison Du Whisky Bottling

A quick treat from a fellow whisky-a-holic: Tony.  He picked this bottle up in Paris from the great La Maison Du Whisky shop while on business.  This bottle was selected and bottled for the shop.  La Maison Du Whisky also has a special place in my heart because they carry a lot of Japanese whisky – I can be pretty myopic when it comes to Japanese whisky.  In any event, this was from the independent bottler Old Malt Cask.

Stats:  Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask (Ref No. 5723), Distilled in November 1989 and Bottled in January 2010.  20 Years Old. 194 Bottles.


55.4%ABV. Sherry Hogshead.

Color – dark amber/orange

Nose – peat, orange, some apples in there too, sherry sweetness, caramel notes, oak? smoke, iodine

Palate – peat, big alcohol, chocolate notes, hints of orange, sort of thin,oak, the sherry isnt as present as I thought it would be, interesting spices

Finish – peat, bitterness, singes the taste buds, spices are there as well.

With Water

Nose – tones the peat down but its still there, more fruits, malty,

Palate – really opens it up, fruits come bursting out now, malty, peat is ratcheted down, the oak is still there too.

Finish – sweetness, peat


Comments:  The nose is wonderful but unfortunately the palate doesn’t quite live up to it.  It is definitely not bad, in fact the palate is quite delightful – just the nose really built it up.  I still really like it, shows a lot more of Laphroaig other than the peat.


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2 responses to “Old Malt Cask Laphroaig La Maison Du Whisky Bottling

  1. Gal

    I had the 16 year old version, which was so fruity on the nose. the sweetest Laph i tasted to date.
    funky, and weird.

  2. This one was along the same lines. Sweet and fruity. Odd…

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