A Quick #Whisky Review Mackillop’s Choice Caol Ila 15

Independent bottler Lorne Mackillop’s 2005 bottling of Caol Ila.  Distilled in February 1990.  Aged 15 years in oak

Mackillop's Choice Caol Ila

cask.  Bottled at 43%.

N: Hint of smoke, peat, butterscotch, apple/pear?

P: Soft, lighter than I expected, def. taste the peat, not much smoke to it, buttery, tongue coating, a little bitter on the tail.

F: Numbing, a little short.

Comments:  A very delicate Caol Ila. Very refined.  You really get a glimpse of the flavors of Caol Ila beyond the smoke.

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